Podcasting to Build Student Writing Communities

Well, that was fun! I started a podcast about college writing. This idea has been floating around my head for a while now. I've always loved talk radio, and memories of listening to Paul Harvey with my dad on hot summer afternoons still give me "warm fuzzies".
The basic goal for using this technology is to build a community of writers within my online Comp classes because those students may have difficulty connecting to one another without the face-to-face interaction.
I also want to enable students to hear one another's reading and writing backgrounds, current writing projects, etc. in order to show students that talking about their reading and writing (reflecting) will enable them to make more purposeful reading and writing choices.
This first show was quite fun; my students were willing to share honestly about their opinions on reading and writing. I will most likely use this first episode as a starter in my online courses this Fall to open up a discussion about literacy. After that, I would like current students to sit in on the show (perhaps just 2 episodes a semester) at specific times during our writing projects (the research phase, for example) to help students reflect on the writing process.
As for the title, it's geeky; I know. I wanted to play on the word "speak" as both a verb and a noun, as my student writers will speak, and often we use literacy speak to communicate our ideas.
"And that's the rest of the story. Good Day."