Another Sample Student e-Folio and Weighing the Frustration and Joys of Technology

This semester, I wanted my FYC students to truly own thier e-Folios and have a stronger connection with their work than they did in the previous semester, so I assigned the "About Me" tab much earlier in the semester... I think it was within the first three weeks of class.
I also provided some YouTube video links about steps they can take to customize the e-Folio template I provide to make it even more personal and representative of their style.
The point of this, for me, was that my students would want to return to their folios, use it more often, and even use it after our class is complete.
My high school students (that are taking my class as part of university credit) are truly pushing the limits of what a Google Site can do. I have been so impressed with how much ownership many of these students, in particular, are taking of their folios, adding original artwork, photography and just overall effort into this project.
With his permission, here is the link to one of my current student's folios, Sergio Saldana, an aspiring fashion designer (again, the "My Writing" tab is hidden, and this contains all the Google Drive folders of his writing drafts, writing reflections, etc.).
Sergio took it upon himself to add a tab dedicated simply to showcase his art. Bear in mind, this is mid-semester, so the tabs are not complete yet.
I was a bit discouraged this week about e-Folios overall; for me, the overarching aims/ goals are reflection and revision coupled with a legitimate audience. The tech learning curve for some students seems overwhelming. It made me think: next semester, I am using paper folders, dividers... stickers!!!
As I rethink the template I am using, I am learning even more about how to edit out unnecessary parts, etc., but I still want my students to see written representation of themselves as valuable, and in our current culture, digital representation is extremely valuable.
Two ex-students of mine recently let me know that they have used their e-Folios as part of their job applications; I was delighted, so the design changes I want to make return to the scale again.
Another consideration is how I will change my instruction this summer when I teach online courses.