Sting's Lyrics (or what I think is part of his literacy autobiography)

I've always been a big fan of The Police and Sting. That music was on my life soundtrack for many years, and it still is. When I asked my class last night if they knew who The Police are/were, I got blank looks. One student even said, "like, the guys who give tickets?"

I whimpered.

The lyrics in his music are usually extremely poetic and thoughtful; many times, he fills his songs with allusions from everything to mythology, Shakespeare to modern works. He even has a book, Lyrics, telling the stories which inspire his music.

I stumbled on this TED Talk while browsing for "writing" talks, and I was so impressed once again with his poetic interpretations, this time of his childhood and how his dreary community pushed him to tell stories. My favorite is the song about his father's "dead man's boots".